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In this article, I will explore the “Audible" app and the book "Keto Vegetarian Cookbook" that I heard through it. And yes, there’s a reason why I dedicated time to write this article and share it with you, just read on and you’ll understand!

I don't know about you but listening to a book instead of reading it is something new to me. Before I start, I need to explain that my experience of listening to a book and how I found it as a nice new way to get knowledge all stems from my childhood. I don’t like actual paper books since my mom is a librarian and she always tried to push me to read books as a child. Ergo, I prefer digital books because they don’t have to be stored in the house and in general, I think this is just my reaction to my mom’s actions! I had to find another way to read books and that’s where digital books come in. Moreover, I think it is a better way to learn since it saves space and is very ecological as it doesn’t use actual paper. I do still own regular books but I try to avoid adding on any more of them.

Listening to a book is a completely new way to learn, especially when it comes to cooking and baking, that’s why I want to share my thoughts about it with you. I used “Audible" since the app is free and as a new member of the service, Amazon gives you a one month free trial with two free audiobooks. Naturally the free part really caught my eye and you can also try this free trial by clicking here. After 30 days, Amazon will start charging you unless you cancel your subscription. Note that you can still listen to the audiobook even after you cancel your subscription, if you still have the app on your phone of course.

Starting to listen

After downloading the app, you need to download the audiobook of your choice and you can start listening to it immediately. I started with the “Keto Vegetarian Cookbook". I really like to try new diets and to learn more about them. And seeing as how the keto diet is very popular lately, I just had to hear/read to learn all about it. Furthermore, this book talks about keto vegetarian which suits me more than a regular keto diet. Basically, the keto diet is a low carb diet where you eat meat, eggs and vegetables but avoid grains and carbs in any form. As a vegetarian, you do the same minus the meat part of course. It’s the kind of diet you really have to commit yourself to! I really couldn’t wait to get to all the recipes the book had to offer, after all, that’s the best part. 🙂

When you start listening to the first pages of the book, you usually skip all the little pages about technical information and copyrights. I think this part needs to be easier to recognize in the chapters so it will be easy to skip over, like skipping these types of pages in a book. You do have an option on the app to skip 30 seconds forward or backwards but still, as I skip these parts when reading a book, I want to know I can easily skip it when listening to a book.

As a foodie, I was very curious about how it would be to hear a recipe instead of reading it and that is another reason why I chose a cookbook as my first “heard" book.

I know many people can concentrate on other activities while listening to music or podcasts but I personally found it very hard. While listening to the book, I needed to only hear the book without doing anything else. I considered it my quality time as it wasn’t spent in front of the TV so at least in that matter I was doing something good for myself and didn’t "waste time".

Keto diet

The book overviewed the keto diet and vegetarian diet for beginners and how they both combine. The writer is a nutritionist who also explained the health constraints which is very important when you just start a new diet. I was eager to get to the recipe part so I skipped a little (it only starts at chapter 7 actually!) but you can always go back and listen again to all the chapters you skipped.

Pause the book

When you pause, the app remembers where you paused and you can continue listening from this point later on, even if you close the app completely, which is very convenient and similar to that of a bookmark. Neat! The app also tells you how much time remains until you finish the book. If you are like me and you cannot combine the audiobook with other activities, it is nice to know how long it will take to finish the whole book.

I have to admit it was a bit strange

After listening to a few recipes in chapter 7, I have to admit it was a bit strange and I felt like I needed to re-listen most parts if I want to go and make the recipe. Because I am so used to reading recipes online or in books, I felt like I would lose this information if I didn’t write it somewhere.

At that point, I started thinking if reading an actual book or listening to one was the best choice for me. I'm glad that you get a free trial month because I think that audiobooks aren’t for everybody.

The audiobook I chose has 79 recipes and I felt like I cannot listen to the entire book in one sitting since it is a lot of content and you also need to process what you hear. I assume that with other types of books, it is easier and less technical like reading a list of ingredients and preparation steps that can start to bore you very quickly.

The “Audible" app also offers a car mode for the audiobook while driving. I did not try it with this cookbook because I thought it would be too distracting for me! Not just that but you need to concentrate especially if you’re listening to a recipe. Plus, I prefer to hear music over hearing someone talk on the radio when I am driving. Am I right?

One thing I think “Audible" can improve on, or maybe audiobook writers, is to allow you the choice of which voice reads you the book. The keto cookbook is read by a lady (I think she says her name in the beginning) and I started thinking while listening that maybe I would have liked it better with a man’s voice reading. I think that if navigation apps let you choose a voice who speaks to you maybe audiobooks should too? Just an idea.


To sum up my audiobook experience, I think it is a bit weird with cookbooks but I am going to give a different type of book a chance! This time I will use the app’s function of listening to five minutes of the book you’re interested in to see if it really suits me. Tell me in the comments below if you liked this activity of listening to a book, I hope my experience will help you choose the right audiobook when you first try the service. Good luck and enjoy your audiobook!

Listening to a cookbook - Renana's Kitchen

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Listening to a cookbook - Renana's Kitchen Audiobook Review- Renana's Kitchen Audiobook Review - Renana's Kitchen