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Renana Spiegel Levkovich - Renana's Kitchen

What is your background in food?
Apart from my love and passion for food, I have taken many short courses in baking and cooking. Plus, I love to learn new techniques whenever I can. Of course, I am also driven to read a lot of recipes and try them out too. I don't have a formal degree in a food related field, but who knows maybe I will have one day! Right now, I consider myself a regular girl who really loves food and everything about it.

Who eats everything that you make?
First of all, me. Yes, I love to eat what I make! Who wouldn't? Second, all of the people close to me in my life - my husband, family, colleagues and anyone who meets me on a day where I whipped something up, which is almost every day lol. I often tend to bring my creations with me to the office.

What ingredient(s) can’t you do without?
I tend to stick to basics! There is no need to go overboard. If I have flour, sugar and dry yeast then I can always make something out of it. I also use a lot of coconut oil and matcha but they are easy to replace with butter and coffee if needed. In general, as I don't like to make very complex dishes and desserts, the basics are more than enough for me.

Is blogging your full-time job?
No. Blogging is actually my hobby, among various others such as playing the piano, photography, learning languages and more. Because I love to bake and cook, I started this blog and I genuinely enjoy sharing recipes with people around the world. My real-life job is as a web developer and I work full time building and maintaining websites.

What kind of camera/lens do you use?
I have a canon 70D EOS and most of the time, I use my canon 100mm 2.8 macro lens. When I started taking pictures of my food creations, I simply used my iPhone and it is definitely possible to take good pictures with smartphones. If you look at my older Instagram posts, you can see just how much I have improved my photography skills. Later, I took courses in photography and even bought a proper camera and equipment.

What kind of light setup do you use?
I only use day light, not only is it the free option but I also like it best. It does mean, however, that sometimes I have to wake up very early in order to catch the good light. I tend to take pictures before I leave for work so while it might be early, I do enjoy it so at the end of the day, I do not mind.

How can I reach you?
You can contact me by email at or just head to my Facebook page and drop me a message!