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best gifts for foodies 2018

Best Gifts: A Guide for Cooks, Bakers and Foodies In General

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Today everyone knows at least one foodie (if not a whole lot more). A foodie, in case you didn’t know, is a person who likes to bake and cook and gets super excited about kitchen appliances, kitchen accessories, products and great restaurants. When it comes to my circle friends, this person is me! (LOL).

Now that the holidays are coming, or if this person has a birthday soon, you need ideas for great presents that this foodie friend is probably dying to get. As a food blogger for over a year now and as a foodie myself, I know I can give great and useful recommendations for gifts that will satisfy your favorite foodie. Let’s get started:

1. Stand mixer: I know it might be pricy, but a standing mixer is a must for every baker. It makes your life so much easier while baking, you can mix, knead and whip in just seconds. If you buy a gift with several friends for your foodie, it can help lower the price instead of just buying it alone. In any case, your friend or family member foodie will love you forever. Most standing mixers work for years, I have had mine for 5 years now and I am very happy with it.

2. Coffee machine: You don’t need to be a foodie to appreciate an amazing cup of coffee. You just really need to be a coffee addict and we all know one of those! Heck, we might even be the addict ourselves! In any case, I absolutely love my Nespresso coffee machine, this gift is great for coffee lovers. I have had my machine since 2012 and although it as broken twice, Nespresso service is amazing and they fixed it rather quickly. If your foodie already has a coffee machine, you can buy coffee capsules or coffee beans instead.

3. Measuring cups and spoons: One thing that is crucial in baking is that you have accurate measurements to whip up delicious cakes and pastries. I use measuring cups all the time; in almost every recipe of mine, I provide cup measures. It’s a less pricy gift and it can be combined with other smaller gifts to create a nice big set. Plus, there are some really cool designs out there instead of just a standard measuring cup or spoon.

4. Baking pans: I can't tell you how many baking pans I actually own because than my husband will know (LOL, I hide them from him but hey, that’s what we foodies gotta do!) and still I like to buy new ones once in a while. Especially as there is always a size and shape that I don't have and I need it for a specific recipe. And sometimes, it’s only after I get the pan that I'll find a recipe I can use it with. It’s a very good gift if your foodie friend likes to bake and cook, otherwise why would you call him a foodie?

best gift guide for bakers and cooks

5. Cookie cutters: This gift is especially important during the holidays when you bake a ton of cookies, you just need new cute cookie cutters. Trust me. This gift is also a very good idea if your foodie friend gives you the cookies after they’ve used the cookie cutters. Win-win!

6. Lemon squeezer: A pretty simple tool but is very handy in the kitchen. This lemon squeezer also fits limes and gets you every drop of juice from it. I use it every time I need lemon juice and it works perfectly. It can be combined with the cookie cutters or the measuring cups to create a very nice gift collection.

7. Decorating tips/ nozzles: I have a lot of nozzles that I like to use when baking cakes and cupcakes. Personally, I bought them separately each time I needed one and eventually I found myself with 55 (or more). That’s why it is better to get the whole set as a gift. I use them a lot and I know every other baker does too.

8. BBQ basket with grilling gloves: Here is a product that I do not own (yet) but I have been eyeing for a while now. Doesn’t it look very useful for a summer BBQ? That’s what I thought! Plus, the gloves are great to use inside the kitchen as well. I would be happy to get this set (if anyone is thinking of buying me a gift here is an idea ). I think every cook that loves BBQ would love this gift.

I hope that I helped you with your gift hunt for your favorite foodie friend or baking sister or grill master uncle or whatever you want to call him or her! I wish you a very happy holiday and an even happier New Year!

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