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Hannukah gift guide 2021

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Hannukah, the holiday of lights, is right around the corner. This year we celebrate Hannukah from November 28th to December 6th.

Giving gifts during Hannukah is not actually part of the holiday and definitely not a must. The only known habit is giving money that known as Hanukkah gelt (money in Yiddish). Many give chocolate coins wrapped in silver or gold foil wrap instead of real money. Kids just love it (and adults too!)

Hannukah gift guide 2021

Only recently has giving actual gifts become a habit, thanks to the influence of our friends in America. In some families, there is a tradition to give small gifts every night of the 8 days of the holiday, while others give just one big gift on the last day. There are no actual rules since this habit is not really related to the holiday itself, it's just for fun!

But if you’re looking to surprise your family with cute gifts and are wondering what to purchase, I have some ideas for you.

Hannukah gifts for kids, Hannukah gifts for your spouse, and Hannukah gifts for everyone you love. I know gifts are usually mainly for kids but anyone would be happy with a small gift that shows you are thinking about them.

Hannukah is a holiday of gathering all the family together, lighting up the hanukiah (that is called a menorah as well), scarfing homemade latkes and donuts (sufganiyot), singing songs, playing with dreidels, and hanging together. Adding gifts to this holiday just makes it more enjoyable for everyone!

Here are my Hannukah gift ideas for 2021:

1. For bakers - Give cute Hanukkah-themed cookie cutters as a gift for the baker in your family! If you want, you can also print out my recipe for Hanukkah Sugar Cookies and make it a set for anyone who loves to bake in your family. Baking and decorating cookies and then munching them together can be a nice Hanukkah activity for the family. It’s the first option since it's my favorite one! LOL

2. For everyone - Another activity for the whole family includes a Hanukkah bingo game, everyone can play together and the prize for the winner would be an extra donut, chocolate coin, or a latke. FUN!

3. For everyone - Hannukah is all about candles and it is called the holiday of lights after all. Buying Hannukah candles as a gift is one that will be used straight away. Unlike other gifts, this one is needed on each day of the 8 days of the holiday. Or there is always next year Hannukah to use it.

4. For everyone - If you go with the candles option, you can pair it with a new Hanukiya (Menorah), there are some really nice ones to choose from and at different price levels.

5. For kids - Hannukah official toy for kids includes dreidls. Like ones that light up when spinning!

6. For everyone - Think about Hannukah decorations like a table runner for a latke buffet or Hanukkah ornaments. These can be really useful for someone who likes to host and decorate or even just for yourself.

7. For kids - A new book for young kids can be very exciting, and one about the holiday with beautiful illustrations is an easy option to choose from.

8. For dogs - A new toy for your dog that’s themed for Hanukkah, who said gifts are just for humans?

9. For Him - A funny t-shirt is always a great option, here are some options I liked:

10. For Her - Ladies always need socks, and ones that are themed with Hannukah symbols could be a really nice gift. Or you can go for a Hannukah themed blanket for the perfect cozy snuggle.

If you don’t want to buy something specific and want a safer choice (or you just want to stick to the original habit of giving gelt (money)), then you can buy the Hanukkah chocolate coins or nice Hannukah greeting cards and give it with a gift card that is charged with the amount of money of your choice.

Bonus Freebie:

Get the crayons out! A cute Hannukah printable for your kids to enjoy.

Be sure to check my Hannukah recipe index for some yummy and easy latkes and donuts recipes.

Have a lovely Hannukah!

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Hannukah gift guide 2021 by Renana's Kitchen