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24 Easy Vegetarian Dinner Recipes

March 13, 2018

24 vegetarian dinner recipes for the whole family. Delicious soups, lasagna, bowl meals and more.

24 Easy Vegetarian Dinner Recipes

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Are you the cook in the family? Chances are that you're very familiar with this situation: It’s almost dinner time and you need to be creative with what you're putting on the table, plus it needs to be healthy and something that everyone will love (including your very picky children). Sounds easy, right? Well that's not always the case!

Now this is where I step in! For the cooks in the family, here are some new dinner ideas for a vegetarian dinner that can expand those same old, regular recipes you always cook. I have included recipes for every occasion - from lentil soup to curry to lasagna to salad and beyond. You will have many exciting and delicious choices to choose from because in this post, I collected just the best recipes available with the help of my fellow bloggers.

I divided the ideas into topics and in each topic, there are a few recipes so if you do not like something, there are other options to choose from!

The topics are:

Easy Vegetarian Soups recipes

1. My lentil and carrot soup - Very satisfying after a cold, long day.
2. Vegan white bean soup by -
3. Easy vegan pumpkin soup by -
4. 30 minute minestrone soup recipe by -

Easy Vegetarian Lasagna recipes

1. Quick and easy vegetable lasagna by-
2. Spinach mushroom lasagna by -
3. Parmigiana di Melanzane (aubergine parmigana) by -
4. Low carb vegetarian zucchini lasagna by -

Easy Vegetarian Salads recipes

1. My green pear salad - sweet and savory in just one salad.
2. Toasted almond brussels sprout kale salad by -
3. Roasted butternut squash salad with kale by -
4. Winter sweet citrus salad with pomegranate & pistachios by -

Easy Vegetarian Bowl Meal recipes

Bowl meals:
1. Sweet potato black bean burrito bowls by -
2. Spicy chickpea kale and potato curry by -
3. Greek power bowls by -
4. Miso ramen with roast pumpkin by -

Easy Vegetarian Pasta recipes

1. Homemade potato gnocchi recipe by -
2. Roasted broccoli and cauliflower pasta with parmesan, lemon and garlic by -
3. Instant pot lentil bolognese sauce by -
4. Califlower alfredo with peas by -

Easy Vegetarian dinner recipes

1. Originally my spinach pastry was made for the holidays but it can be used for any night of the week, just make it into any shape that you want.
2. Red lentil flatbread (gluten free, vegan) by -
3. Pesto spinach quinoa stuffed tomatoes by -
4. Lentil and potato stew by -

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 24 Easy Vegetarian dinner recipes - Renana's Kitchen  24 Easy Vegetarian dinner recipes - Renana's Kitchen  24 Easy Vegetarian dinner recipes - Renana's Kitchen  24 Easy Vegetarian dinner recipes - Renana's Kitchen  24 Easy Vegetarian dinner recipes - Renana's Kitchen