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Chocolate tour in Zurich

Chocolate tour in Zurich
April 3, 2018

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In this post, there is actually no recipe but rather my story of a chocolate tour that I took in Zurich during a short vacation in December 2017. And guys, what could be better than a chocolate tour? Virtually nothing! You have to try it if you're ever in Zurich and here's why!

We decided on a moment of spontaneity to take the weekend off and fly somewhere. My husband suggested we should go to Zurich because he remembered being there a few years ago with his family and he loved it. And hey, a short vacation on a whim sounded like an incredible idea to me so the first thing I did was look online at just what do you do in Zurich? The answer was in a blog post suggesting that you should take a chocolate tour. I loved the idea and contacted Kerrin to save us a spot. We almost missed the chance but Kerrin took care of us and made it happen!

The tour took place in the center of Zurich and included a walk in the old city and tasting chocolate in 4 shops. Heaven!

The tour started in front of the Sprüngli confiserie (a luxury confectionery manufacturer), and they're incredibly famous in all of Switzerland. We met Lexi, the tour guide, and began to learn all about chocolate and the Swiss relation to chocolate. (Side note, I have many friends who adore chocolate and would so greatly appreciate all of what I was learning! It was incredible.)

We visited 4 places and tasted chocolate in each one of them. I know, I know, that sounds amazing but the experience was even better. There was no pressure to buy anything at the shops, which was great since Switzerland is a very expensive country.

The first shop we visited was Sprüngli. They were founded in 1836 (!) and are known for their "Luxemburgerli" which are small macaron cookies. They make them in various flavors. I gave the champagne with white chocolate filling a try and YUM!

Zurich Sprüngli Luxemburgerli

From there we walked to Michelle's cupcake shop and tasted mini cupcakes. The shop is known for its handmade frosting decorations on each cupcake and each little cupcake has its own character. They use only fine fresh ingredients. Plus, they always have in store flavors and special flavors that changes every 2 weeks. I tasted the vanilla cupcake with buttercream and my taste buds were in heaven.

Zurich Michelle's cupcake shop

The third shop was Honold confiserie. Founded in 1905, yet another institute of chocolate and sweets in Switzerland. They offer many flavors, even alcoholic ones and hey, we're on vacation so why not?! We tasted 3 bonbons and a hot cocoa. I chose to taste Caipirinha (with green crumbs in the picture), Champaign (the white one) and Caramel, a la cannelle. All of them were delicious and actually made me a bit tipsy lol :)

Zurich Honold confiserie

From there we walked to the fourth and last place - Max chocolatier. Their shop window says "discover our secrets – bite by bite." :) I was more than ready to give it a try! The shop is named after Max, the owner’s son and a proud chocoholic. They create handmade chocolate with various flavors. The coco beans are from South America and Africa. We tasted passion fruit bonbon and another square chocolate made of beans from Bolivia. My palate couldn't have been more pleased!

Zurich Max chocolatier

The tour ended after this shop - but my stomach was full so it was definitely worth the trip! It was very nice walking and eating all that chocolate. I truly recommend that everyone who comes to Zurich to take the tour and enjoy Swiss chocolate. If after all the chocolate described here you feel the urge to have a bite, I welcome you to give my chocolate truffles recipe or snowy chocolate cookies recipe a try, I promise you will not regret it!

 Pilatus Mountain View

Some other places we visited during this vacation was Uetliberg Mountain, there is a train line going from the main station of Zurich directly to the mountain (line s10) which makes it very convenient and easy to visit. We also took the train to Luzern and from there a bus and a cable car to Pilatus mountain – all very beautiful and again, an easy trip with the train. The public transportation in Switzerland makes your trip very easy and fun and that's something I say lightly. We came during December so the weather was lightly snowing and the city was decorated for Christmas, what made our trip even more fun and beautiful. If you go at any other time of the year, I am sure it will be just as beautiful!

 Pilatus Mountain Cable Car

Zurich Uetliberg Mountain View

That is it for today, have a nice week and enjoy!

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