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If you’re on my blog reading this very article then chances are pretty high that you like to cook and bake. And going off that last fact, it’s not a secret that each cook or baker has their own tips and tricks on making time in the kitchen a smooth and easy process. Whether it’s to make cooking easier, to bake better or just make the time in the kitchen fun and efficient, we have all learned a thing or two along the way.

10 Tips and Tricks in the - Kitchen Renana's Kitchen

However, as cooks and bakers, we are never done learning and that’s why I am sharing 10 tricks I learned from my food blogger friends. Personally, I love to learn from others, especially if it’ll make my life easier in the kitchen. I am sure there is at least one new trick you’ll pick up today. All of the bloggers in this article have really nice websites with great recipes you should try too!

Here are 10 kitchen tips & tricks for cooking and baking that’ll make your life much easier:

  1. If you need to measure honey, or any kind of sticky syrup, and you also have to use oil in the same recipe, like my spelt bread for example, use the same tablespoon or cup to measure the oil and then measure the syrup - it won't stick to the measurement tool and all of it will go into the batter! It works like magic and I do it all the time. This trick saves time, saves you from wasting the syrup and also means you avoid washing sticky dishes.
  2. Lately, converting a recipe for vegan or non-dairy version has become very popular; a lot of people change their diet or discover allergies and when you have guests or family members that need to stick to a vegan diet, you need to change the way you are cooking and baking. Every recipe that calls for butter can be switched with coconut oil in the same amount and in the same condition - liquid or cold and hard. If the taste of coconut doesn’t fit the dish then you can use purified coconut oil and you won't have a coconut oil taste at all. If you need to switch eggs, you can use applesauce, every egg equals 1/4 cup of applesauce. I make homemade applesauce and this way, I also control the amount of sugar in it. These are the most common ingredients people need to replace when making recipes vegan.
  3. A tip by Sunrita Dutta from - Keep at least one spice blend (Cajun, adobo rub, curry powder or any of your favorite spice blend) in your spice cabinet. You can use the ready spice mix to make very quick and flavor some dishes without much effort. Such as Cajun fried rice, Cajun stir fried vegetables and beans, spicy soups. You can also add Cajun spice to basic tomato sauce for a yummy pasta bake. Just one spice with many uses and they all taste different because you use different ingredients.
  4. A tip by Raia Todd from - Meal plan!!! Even if it's just planning out the dinners for a week - or the breakfasts or lunches - plan *something* and it will help relieve so much stress.

  5. Homemade applesauce Renana's Kitchen, 10 Tips and Tricks in the Kitchen

  6. A tip by Stephanie Lynch from - Shop the outsides of the grocery store as much as possible. This includes the produce, dairy, deli, and bakery. You will be purchasing healthier foods and most of these do not come packaged so you are also helping the environment by reducing the amount of waste your house makes.
  7. A tip by Kristen Wood from - Always double the servings of everything you cook and bake to make life easier and to have plenty of mix and match food combos on hand for the week ahead!
  8. A tip by Sharon Wong from - I often buy celery and throw out half used celery that went bad. I don’t like wasting celery so I wash and cut them into celery sticks for snacking. And when I need celery for meals, I chop up what I need for recipes and don’t waste any of it.
  9. A tip by Monica Mehta from - Here are a few easy ways to extract up to 30% more from extract a lemon. Microwave the lemon for 15 seconds before squeezing it, or dip the lemon in hot water for about 15 seconds. You could also just rub the lemon using your hands. The idea is to make it slightly warm to squeeze it to the full.
  10. A tip by Terri Gilson from - Freezing! Things last longer and they are easier to work with! For example, I freeze butter, ginger and of course bananas! I used to waste ginger but now I keep it frozen, peel it and grate it right into food! I also freeze butter and grate it into flour instead of messing with it and cutting warm butter in. And I peel bananas BEFORE freezing- much easier!
  11. A tip by Sandy Clifton from - Make several hard cooked eggs at once by making an Egg Loaf. No peeling, and you have plenty to chop and use for egg salad, and potato salad. I use my Instant Pot, but you could also make this in a slow cooker.

Now I hope you have learned something new with all of these great tips and tricks. Share your own tips in the comments section below, enjoy your next cooking and baking adventure in the kitchen, especially as you have new tips and tricks to guide you!

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