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Parve Desserts (kosher non-dairy)

Finding a parve dessert, especially one that doesn't taste parve, could take a millennia. It's a continuous battle. That's why I approach all my parve dessert recipes the same way, change as little as possible and still achieve optimal results, such as not sacrificing my taste buds! What's a good parve dessert if it doesn't taste any good?

The recipes you see below are ones that are not attached to a season. Whip up any of these desserts at any time, don't let the weather or a certain holiday stop you! Moreover, some of the recipes are also vegan which means they're super healthy but again, they taste amazing. I mean, what could be better than healthy, vegan, AND parve desserts that taste super delicious? Yes, that would be a rhetorical question!

Share with me in the comments if there is a particular parve dessert you want me to create! I am always willing to try new recipes out.


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Parve (Kosher Non-Dairy) Best Recipes by Renana's Kitchen Parve (Kosher Non-Dairy) Best Recipes by Renana's Kitchen